Launching our new website

Smiling HorseWe’re baaaack! Maryland Fund For Horses has re-launched a shiny new, de-cluttered and mobile-friendly website. Welcome – please browse around and let us know what you think. While you’re here, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you up-to-date (sign up on the Home page).

While we were away building the new website, we were also hatching a new Horse Bucks program: the Equine Hay & Feed Voucher program! “Horse Bucks” is our suite of “safety net” programs designed to help keep horses fed and cared for when their owners hit a temporary rough patch.  More on that in our next post…

Behind the scenes, we’re using some cool technology that will help our team spend less time pushing paper and LOTS more time doing what we love – developing new and innovative ways to improve equine welfare in Maryland.

Please join us as we follow our passion for doing the right thing for Maryland’s equines.

Victoria “Vicki” Carson
President, Maryland Fund For Horses

New: Horse Bucks Hay Vouchers

Oh, Happy Day – Maryland has a new resource to provide hay for hungry horses!

Maryland Fund For Horses’ “Horse Bucks” program has been providing financial assistance for health care and gelding services to Maryland horses since 2015. The most asked-for addition to our programs has been a “hay bank” service. We grappled for a while with how to make hay accessible to everyone in Maryland and decided to adapt the model of our successful voucher and rebate program to hay delivery. Instead of making our clients travel to a central location, why not help them where they are? And the MFFH Hay Voucher program was born.

Hay farmers, forage and feed vendors and everyone in the equine community, WE NEED YOU! This is a community-supported program and we need more hay vendors and the funds to purchase hay and feed.

We have already begun to distribute hay vouchers to horse owners and need your help to meet the demand this winter. If you are a hay farmer with good quality horse hay, we want to hear from you! Any donated or discounted hay can be a charitable deduction on your tax return.* Feed dealers, the same is true for donations of grain and forage – we appreciate any and all assistance.

Horse Bucks Hay Vouchers are the focus of our year-end fundraising this holiday season. We all know someone who is facing a life challenge – lost job, illness, divorce, a family member in crisis… and a responsible horse owner suddenly in trouble, not sure where to turn. These are the people we help – with compassionate short-term assistance so that their horses can stay at home without becoming neglected.

Please help us help your neighbors and friends this season. We are counting on you.

With gratitude,

The Board of Maryland Fund For Horses