EquiFest - 16 May 2021

EquiFest 2021

Is your new horse waiting for you at a Maryland Rescue?
Find them at EquiFest Adoption Showcase – May 16, 2021!

What is EquiFest?

A horse show and adoption showcase entirely for adoptable horses, trained and presented by Maryland rescues. EquiFest’s classes and activities will be broadcast on YouTube.

EquiFest’s Mission

To create an event that highlights the beauty, variety, athleticism, and training of Maryland’s rescue horses and introduce them to potential adopters.
Rescued horses are often less valued as potential mounts and companions than other horses;
EquiFest is here to bust that myth!

Where & When is EquiFest?

Sunday, May 16, 2021 at Coexist Stables, Mount Airy, MD

Due to COVID, we will broadcast the event online and may limit attendees to participants and potential adopters who register in advance. EquiFest will follow United States Equestrian Federation rules for spectators at the show. Watch this page for updates.

This sounds AWESOME! How can I learn more?

Watch this page for updates, show details, and previews of adoptable EquiFest competitors

Organized by:

Maryland Fund For Horses
Hosted by Coexist Stables, Mount Airy, MD
Livestream / video produced by Drop Into Digital, LLC
EquiFest Steering Committee


Want to support a unique event with a national audience? Contact us at equifestsponsors@mdfundforhorses.org.