Wicomico Stallions Fundraiser: Update

Exceeding our Fundraising Goal - total now $4,122!Update: through a generous outpouring of support from horse lovers across the country (Thanks, Horse Nation!), MFFH has surpassed our original fundraising goal of $3,000 to geld the 19 Wicomico stallions.

This is fantastic news because there are still unmet medical needs we can help address. The veterinarian on site has indicated that at least one of the stallions is likely to need a more complex castration surgery. Until these feral stallions are tranquilized and examined thoroughly, there’s no way to determine whether others will need advanced surgical help. We’ll keep you updated about that on Tuesday. In our experience, such surgeries cost a minimum of $1,000. For now, we have increased our fundraising goal to $4,000.

We want to make sure ALL the stallions can receive the care they need in order to become healthy, trainable, adoptable geldings. With your support, we are making this happen. Thank you all!

Emergency Fundraiser to Geld 19 Wicomico Stallions

Wicomico appaloosas after a few weeks of feeding and proper careURGENT: Maryland Fund For Horses is partnering with University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center on May 1 (yes, that is ONE WEEK from today) to GELD 19-20 STALLIONS from the Wicomico County horse seizure a few weeks ago. Supporting this kind of emergency effort is central to our mission of promoting equine welfare in MD.

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The castrations will be performed at a private farm by three surgical teams. THE NET COST AFTER NEW BOLTON CENTER’S CONTRIBUTION WILL BE APPROXIMATELY $3,000. The stallions range in age from 4 to 18 years old, and many are largely unhandled, which makes caring for them very challenging. They still need care and training, but gelding is an important step toward giving them a new life. PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM! WE NEED TO RAISE $3,000 BY MAY 1. We can do it with your help. Donate HERE or mail a check today to MD Fund for Horses, PO Box 194, Libertytown, MD 21762 and mark it “Wicomico Stallions”. Thank you for your support!


The Board of Maryland Fund For Horses


Launching our new website

Smiling HorseWe’re baaaack! Maryland Fund For Horses has re-launched a shiny new, de-cluttered and mobile-friendly website. Welcome – please browse around and let us know what you think. While you’re here, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you up-to-date (sign up on the Home page).

While we were away building the new website, we were also hatching a new Horse Bucks program: the Equine Hay & Feed Voucher program! “Horse Bucks” is our suite of “safety net” programs designed to help keep horses fed and cared for when their owners hit a temporary rough patch.  More on that in our next post…

Behind the scenes, we’re using some cool technology that will help our team spend less time pushing paper and LOTS more time doing what we love – developing new and innovative ways to improve equine welfare in Maryland.

Please join us as we follow our passion for doing the right thing for Maryland’s equines.

Victoria “Vicki” Carson
President, Maryland Fund For Horses